If you are looking for good coffee from fair cultivation that convinces with its full taste, regardless of whether it is brewed as an espresso or filter coffee, we are your ideal dealer as a specialty roaster. But what does that mean, specialty roasting? This is how we distinguish ourselves from industrial roasters with our Flatberry roasting company.

A good cup of coffee makes every morning more beautiful and will get you through the day safely. But for most coffee lovers it is not enough to know that their coffee tastes good, it should also be grown sustainably and processed gently. Every step from cultivation through harvesting, selection, transport to roasting and grinding the coffee is transferred to the aroma and taste. As a specialty roaster, we have control over how we pay our suppliers, where we get our coffee from and how we roast it.


When it comes to food, but especially coffee and other rare goods, the consumer has the choice between quantity and exquisite quality. Mass is always cheaper. A pound of coffee powder is available from discounters for less money than an American coffee at chains. For a cold brew coffee, you could theoretically buy two pounds of coffee powder, but it will never taste as intense as the high-quality coffee of your favorite barista. Industrial processing means inexpensive shopping, no selection, quick roasting and mechanical grinding. The powder is then vacuumed and is on the supermarket shelf for several months.

As a specialty roaster, we take everything a little bit slower. Our Flatberry experts spend a lot of time finding retailers who offer perfect coffee beans for every type of espresso or filter coffee and are ready to pay attention to growing conditions. You pay the farmers the unconditional price. We also pay as long as far transport requires. As a specialty roaster, we decide which beans we want to buy and how they are prepared. In our roasting company, we also roast the coffee beans by type for up to twenty minutes. It takes around one and a half minutes in the industrial roasting plant. All of this changes, firstly, the character of coffee, secondly, it also changes the way we advertise and consume our coffees.


Flatberry is a specialty roaster that sends coffee beans from all over Europe to Frankfurt. You can rely on our high quality. We love all coffee specialties from strong espresso to nitro coffee to unusual creations with milk foam, liqueurs and spirits. For us as a specialty roaster, the coffee bean is a small work of art from nature that we have to treat so gently that it presents itself at its best. As a result, a small cup of espresso can sometimes be worth more than the large jug of filter coffee, from which you pour yourself cup-for-cup all day long.

But of course, as a specialty roaster, we also know that not everyone has the time and desire to sip an espresso to determine its roasting aromas. That’s why all of our coffees are just good. No matter whether you buy Single Origin from Ethiopia or a blend from Nicaragua, you can be sure of the freshness of the beans roasted in the roasting drum in our roasting company. In addition, we offer you many traditional and modern coffee makers in our shop to create your perfect cup of enjoyment.


In our Flatberry specialty roasting company, we grind your coffee blends for you, if you wish. You decide whether your coffee should be strong and therefore finely ground, for example for espresso, or mild and coarse ground, for example for filter coffee. In any case, you always get exactly the coffee you were looking forward to in the specialty roaster. Industrial goods, on the other hand, are like a surprise bag. If the area where the coffee is grown cannot even be named, it is a matter of luck whether and what your coffee beans taste like. We believe that coffee lovers make the right choice when it comes to quality.

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