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Flatberry Kaffeeherstellung
Flatberry Kaffeeherstellung


Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. In German-speaking countries, many people drink even more coffee than water. In our coffee shop you will therefore find offers that suit you exactly. Individual coffee blends, masterfully roasted coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta from different cultivation places all over the world and, besides, the perfect accessories to brew your cup of coffee to the point. Discover now!

Flatberry coffee beans are special

In our Flatberry coffee shop you will find many different blends of the finest coffee beans from around the world. You can also create and customize your own mixes using our configurator. Every cup of Flatberry coffee is unique, because our coffee beans come from many different plantations and are gently roasted to perfection in our coffee roasting company according to type and delivery. The coffee contain different aromas which will come up by individual roasted aromas and notes that determine the bouquet of every single portion of espresso, filter coffee or mocha.

Incidentally, with our offers in the coffee shop, we attach great importance to the focus of the coffee beans and their origin. With us you will not find cheap mass-produced goods. With fair prices, we ensure that coffee farmers can live from the goods of their plantations and that the coffee beans are sent to our coffee roasting company as environmentally friendly as possible. You can order many different types of coffee online in our shop and discover new favorite blends. Dive into the world of coffee beans now with the Flatberry coffee shop!

Order coffee beans from Flatberry – our types of coffee

Arabica, Robusta or would you prefer a mixture? Many coffee lovers find it difficult to determine which coffee beans they prefer to use. This is mainly due to the fact that these two varieties are so versatile that they can be brewed as mild coffee in the late afternoon as well as a strong espresso. The drying, roasting and brewing itself decide how strong and aromatic the coffee will taste later.


By the way, our coffee blends in the coffee shop are all natural and do not require any artificial flavors. The coffee beans themselves contain lot of taste, which is expressed in fruity and strong tones. After all, the coffee berry is originally a fruit that absorbs nutrients from the respective forest and mountain soil as it grows, making each cup unique. Which flavor do you like most?



Nut flavors are mild and yet robust. The taste of these coffees is based either on almonds, walnuts or fresh hazelnuts. This taste goes particularly well with mixed drinks, cappuccino and espresso.

Schwarze Schokolade


Coffee beans often give the drink a delicate chocolate taste, which can best be described as dark chocolate. This slightly bitter cocoa note goes perfectly with espresso, mocha, but also filter coffee.

Zitronen Aroma

Citrus fruits

Coffee that tastes of orange or lime? Our gentle handcrafted roasting makes it possible. The less the roast and the coarser of the grind is, the milder the filter coffee will be. This makes it the perfect coffee for French Press or AeroPress and hand filtration.



The slightly fruity berry taste adheres to almost all Arabica varieties if they are only lightly roasted and roughly ground. It can be identified as a currant or blackberry and is suitable for all types of preparation, from filter coffee to espresso.


If you are looking for your new favorite coffee in our Flatberry coffee shop, it is important to know what influence the degree of grinding has on the experience of your cup of coffee. Before placing your order online, you should take a look at our offers in peace or use the configurator (link), which can also suggest the degree of grinding according to your taste.

Coffee is ground to release its aromas. The more intensively a strong roast is ground, the stronger its taste and aroma. At levels 7 to 9, the roasted aromas are also fully released, provided that they are created in the coffee beans. This grind is perfect for espresso, mocha, Turkish or Arabic coffee that is boiled with the powder. The granulate is also much finer than conventional coffee powder and can simply be poured on with a little water or poured into a sieve filter.

A coarse grind brings the floral and fruity notes out of the coffee beans in our coffee shop. So you enjoy a mild filter coffee or a cup of coffee from the AeroPress or French Press, the taste of which is more reminiscent of tea. The Arabica and Robusta beans can be ground in 9 different levels, 1 being the coarsest level and thus covering the mildest coffee and 9 espresso and mocha perfectly with aromas.

Röstverfahren der Kaffeeröstung


In our coffee shop you will find, among other things, the V60 Craft Coffee Maker, a classic filter jug with an attachment that can be operated without electricity. You can grind your coffee beans to the desired degree or buy ready-made specialties online in the coffee shop, fill them in filter paper and then slowly add hot water. As like good teas, the water temperature should be between 80 and 100 degrees, so the water must not boil properly. The finer the grind is, the stronger the coffee will be. Of course, you can still fill the filter coffee with hot water later if it is too strong for you.


The Chemex carafe works in a similar way. You can buy them online in our coffee shop, but you can also find them in many museums. Instead of a separate filter part, the filter paper in the Chemex is inserted directly into the carafe and the water slowly runs through the coffee powder. This way, a strong espresso can be brewed just like a mild coffee in between.

Filter machine

The filter machine is the classic par excellence. Unlike a bean to cup coffee machine, you cannot grind coffee beans with a filter machine directly. You must therefore grind yourself or order ground coffee from our online shop. Filter machines work with filter paper or permanent filters that are cleaned after each pass. The water comes into a separate chamber and is heated there and finally pumped through the filter step by step. The finished coffee is kept hot on a hot plate. Perfect for everyone who are in a rush.

Espresso coffee machines

The Espresso Coffee Machine was developed for espresso, but is also often used, for example, to brew strong coffee as the basis for mixed drinks. You won’t find Espresso Coffee Machines in our coffee shop, but the method is extremely popular in cafes. The powder for the espresso has a particularly high degree of grinding, like you can order it online in our coffee shop. It is placed in a carrier, which is pressed with force in a tamper. The compression ensures that the water later flows more slowly through the crushed coffee beans. This is how the espresso develops its strong taste. A strong water pressure and a water temperature between 85 and 95 degrees also ensure the best results. The espresso can also be poured on or prepared with milk, or mixed with flavors.

Bialetti Espresso cooker

The Bialetti is a classic way of making espresso. It is a small cooker that can usually only brew two or three cups at a time. It is also known as a mocha pot and consists of a strainer basket, space for water, a lid and a spout. The water in the stove is heated on the stove and then squeezed through the coffee strainer. A strong espresso or mocha is created. You can order the right powder with a high degree of grinding in our coffee shop online.

French Press

The French Press is often referred to as cafeteria and brews the coffee powder directly in the water itself. Coffee powder and water are poured into different chambers. The coarser the coffee powder from our coffee shop is, the purer the end result will be. Filled with water, the aromas dissolve in the powder and the typical strong taste is created. At the end of the brewing time, the press is pressed down and the almost powder-free coffee remains.


Many of our customers love their Fully Automatic Coffee Machines. The Bean to Cup Coffee Machine can grind the coffee beans from our coffee shop and mix them to the desired coffee specialty. With the push of a button you can get an espresso, cappuccino or americano, for example. What gets lost is the relationship with your coffee. At Flatberry, however, we understand that not everyone finds the time in everyday life to brew their espresso by hand in peace.


In our coffee shop you can order numerous types of coffee online, put them together individually and even have them printed as a gift pack. For example, you have the choice between single origin, coffee that comes from only one plantation, and blend, coffee that is made up of different crops. You can order the coffee ready for ground espresso or grind the coffee beans yourself. In any case, we take over the roasting and the quality check for you.

ABut is prepared coffee, espresso, filter coffee or cappuccino healthy? How much of it should you drink? A cup of coffee in the morning gets your circulation going with caffeine. You feel more awake and therefore have more energy. The coffee berry itself cannot be enjoyed before being sent to our coffee roaster. After shipping, it is sorted, prepared and roasted. Roasted coffee beans are often consumed as a snack, for example coated with chocolate as well.

Coffee is only healthy if you drink it in moderation. Your coffee is at least 90 percent water. Water is great for the body. You should only enjoy caffeine in small amounts. With the different roasts and grindings in the shop and configurator, you decide how strong the coffee should be. The milder Arabica, Robusta and blends are brewed, the more of them you can drink throughout the day. In moderation, coffee has a positive impact on blood sugar and glucose tolerance. However, more than four cups a day can raise blood pressure. Cream, sugar and syrup blends make coffee a real calorie bomb, so for weight control you should switch to stevia and other low-calorie sweeteners.


In our shop you will find many offers around coffee and its preparation. However, the configurator remains one of our most popular offers. With the Flatberry configurator, you decide which flavors, how much acid and which mouthfeel your coffee should have. This is especially important if you want to try out unusual trends with it.


Superfood and spice coffee

Coconut, turmeric and lucuma have one thing in common: they are considered particularly healthy. Many people therefore put them in tea and coffee. This idea is not new. Spices have always found their place in coffee. In the USA, coffee with Pumpkin Spice is very popular in the fall, in Turkey strong, spicy spices are added to the coffee. You can order the right strong coffee blends in our shop.

Nitro Brew

Nitro brew

Have you ever thought that your coffee should ideally pearl and foam? Then cold nitro coffee, mixed with nitrogen, is just right for you. The trend drink has an imposing foam head and tastes like sparkling iced tea, just made from coffee. We recommend mild coffees from our shop, coarsely ground and brewed cold.

Cold Brew Kaffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew is really nothing new anymore, but the cold preparation of the coffee beans is still trendy. In our coffee shop, mild coffee offers are particularly suitable for this type of preparation. Instead of pouring hot water on it quickly, the coffee is slowly poured on cold overnight and allowed to infuse like tea. In cafes, these offers are usually priced higher due to the long preparation time. In our shop you can buy the base for it cheaply and put on your cold brew yourself.

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