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A good coffee lives from the quality of the coffee beans, but also from the careful roasting by our experts. In our Flatberry coffee roaster, we process raw coffee from many types of coffee into fine coffee blends in our shop, which form an ideal basis for filter coffee, espresso and coffee specialties. We’ll tell you how the raw beans turn into your cup of coffee and the philosophy behind our company.


A good coffee lives from the quality of the coffee beans, but also from the careful roasting by our experts. In our Flatberry coffee roaster, we process raw coffee from many types of coffee into fine coffee blends in our shop, which form an ideal basis for filter coffee, espresso and coffee specialties. We’ll tell you how the raw beans turn into your cup of coffee and the philosophy behind our company.

Flatberry Kaffee Spezialitäten Rösterei


Coffee beans are a valuable specialty, which takes time, care and a lot of water. Up to 21,000 liters of water flow into the production of one kilogram of the best beans. When they arrive at the coffee roaster, the coffee beans are still the so-called coffee berries, which have been freed of pulp and shell for the raw coffee and dried over several months. We source our coffee mainly from South and Central America. However, cultivation is possible around the world in the tropical zones. You can find out how the plant turns into green coffee under our point of production or in the Flatberry coffee dictionary.

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We decided early in the process of founding to roast our Flatberry coffee in our own coffee roastery. Masterful coffee roasting requires modern technology and a lot of experience in handling the coffee beans. Depending on the types of coffee to be processed and whether the beans should later be used to create a strong blend for espresso or fruity, mild coffee, the coffee is simply “cracked” in the coffee roasting process.
During the careful drum roasting process the aromas of roasting are created after the drying phase and before as well as during the first crack up to the second crack. After the second crack the coffee beans will lose their aromas significantly. Espresso for example benefits from the espresso typical aromas which are created around the second crack. So that you can order your coffee according to your taste and we can rely on our own quality, we take on this task in the Flatberry coffee roastery.
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Our coffee roaster is only part of the Flatberry company. Since 2019 we have been dealing intensively with the roasting and refinement of coffee and combine this coveted specialty with a sustainable approach. We see this sustainability as an important pillar of the third-wave movement. While in the First Wave at the beginning of the twentieth century a rarity became a drink that everyone should be able to afford, from the mid-1960s the Second Wave wanted to create quality for everyone with espresso, Arabica roasting and high-quality brands. The third-wave approach focuses on the beans themselves and gentle roasting.

Each cup of coffee is unique and each roast creates its own aromas. In our coffee roaster, we not only pay tribute to the types of coffee and beans and produce blends for espresso, filter coffee, French Press, AeroPress or hand filtration. We also want to know where the coffee beans come from, which are put into the roast in our coffee roasting plant.


T   H   E      S   T   A   T   E   M   E   N   T

The Founder of Flatberry


Flatberry – Our Story

Mario has always had a love for coffee, Sabrina later learned to enjoy coffee. The idea for a coffee roastery started for us on our trip to Tuscany to Italy in 2016. Mario wanted to have coffee in Florence and Sabrina looked in the travel guide for an address. Although there was an address for a café, it turned out that the address was wrong. We ended up in an industrial area. A sign for the coffee roaster was placed in front of the industrial building, but it looked anything but a café. The door was locked. Next to it was a freight elevator that was not lit. We both got in and flipped the switch. When the doors opened after several floors, a roaster who was busy packing coffee beans looked at us in complete surprise. An employee immediately appeared from another corner and asked what we were looking for here. Our answer: “coffee”. That’s how our story started.
As it turned out, we were in the middle of a small Italian coffee roastery. The roaster showed us the roasting manufactory with its processes and similarities were found, since his ancestors came from Germany.
It was completely surprising for us that a roasting of the coffee takes place in such an artisanal environment with the character of a manufactory and handcrafting. We left the roaster with a few packets of coffee and a lot of thoughts and ideas. At the end we got our coffee there.
From that point on, we began to discover the world of coffee, regularly attending training events in the coffee industry and in many places we have been looking for the best coffee roasters around the world to just enjoy coffee.
We have turned our hobby and our passion into a profession. Professionally, we bring extensive start-up experience, distinctive business and psychological knowledge, as well as several years of training in the field of coffee e.g. coffee shop planning, coffee bar management, competition analysis, barista basic, barista advanced, barista technology, machine seminar, latte art, mill technology, cupping & sensor technology advanced, roasting compact, roasting specialist / roasting week.


Growing coffee is associated with the exploitation of labor and resources all over the world. In our coffee roasting plant, only those beans are roasted that we know the history of. We carefully select our dealers and suppliers, who in turn know their farmers and plantation owners. Many of our dealers regularly check the conditions under which work is carried out on the plantations and stay on site for a few days to form a comprehensive judgment.

This procedure also ensures that coffee farmers can actually live on the precious beans. Depending on the type of coffee, it can take up to 5 years before the coffee tree flowers for the first time. These must be pollinated by hand to guarantee maximum harvests. The coffee berries ripen for an entire season and are then harvested by hand or mechanically driven in to be washed and dried. It can take six years for a farmer to make profits on his plantation for the first time. We want to pay a reasonable price for this work. That is why our dealers pay the farmers exactly what they ask for the beans, which are then shipped to our coffee roaster.

Order coffee online in the Flatberry Market Shop

If you are looking for good coffee for espresso, filter coffee or your fully automatic machine and you like unusual types of coffee, the Flatberry online shop is the place for you.

In our coffee roaster, we specialize primarily in the Arabica and Robusta coffees.

These two types and many specialties can be brewed with different grindings and a gentle roast to all coffee specialties from espresso to mild afternoon coffee.

In our Flatberry Shop you can order your ideal coffee online. We fill your portion of beans in the coffee roaster or grind the coffee for the desired method of preparation, e.g. boiled as espresso or mocha, according to your wishes.

Have you always wished you could order your perfect coffee online that meets all of your cup of pleasure needs? In our shop we have many different types of coffee that you can explore with the configurator and order your perfect blend. We ask you how much money you want to spend in the shop for 90 grams of coffee, how much coffee you drink and how you like to drink the coffee.

Would you prefer to order strong espresso or mildly fruity blends in the shop?

In addition to the types of coffee, you can also choose the countries of origin. How do you prepare your coffee? Acidity, aromas, intensity and mouthfeel, all these are important aspects to find your ideal coffee types in our shop. Our configurator offers you the choice.

Would you like to order your coffee individually online? We make it possible and let you upload your own photos and motifs online in the shop and print them on your coffee.

You can order this one-of-a-kind from our coffee roaster online with one click and enjoy it at home in a few days.

Learn more about coffee with Flatberry

We are not just a coffee roaster, but since our founding in 2019, we have been offering a training area for gastronomic companies and companies who want to conduct training courses and workshops in an unusual atmosphere in addition to our online offer on site in our manufactory. With us, employees learn how to prepare the perfect espresso, which types of coffee are available or how a good coffee bean is made in the roasting process. You can discover part of our coffee knowledge online in the Flatberry coffee dictionary.

In the future we want to add an offline factory outlet to our online shop. Instead of ordering, you can buy larger quantities of coffee on site or enjoy really good espresso, latte macchiato or americano from many types of coffee at our bar near the coffee roastery.

Discover coffee from its most beautiful side with our Flatberry coffee roaster and let yourself be inspired for the popular drink!

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  • Blackberry
  • Caramel
  • Currant
  • Hazelnut
  • Honey melon
  • Jasmine
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