What you need to know

What you need to know
Drinking coffee during pregnancy is considered by most doctors to be less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes. Many counselors even say that up to three cups of coffee a day are not a problem during pregnancy. We’ll tell you why the recommendations for nutrition diverge and how you can enjoy coffee during pregnancy without complications.

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The solution to this problem is our Flatberry Decaffeinated Coffee. At Flatberry we know that not only pregnant women like to avoid caffeine in their diet. Like all people with an increased focus on health, pregnant women are concerned with a balanced diet. This not only protects your baby, but also your own body. So, if you want to drink a few cups of coffee from time to time despite pregnancy, without harming the baby, we recommend our decaffeinated roasts.

We prepare the coffee beans so that only the caffeine is flushed out, but the aromas are retained. Which means you can drink coffee during pregnancy, enjoy taste and moment of relaxation and also dispense with another danger for your baby.


A few cups of coffee throughout the day wake us up and give us energy for work, everyday duties and activities in our free time. When drinking coffee with friends or in between, there is also time to relax, chat and enjoyment.

However, pregnant women should avoid coffee during pregnancy, as recommended by medical experts. This recommendation on nutrition for mother and child for one or the other pregnant woman is the most difficult. But is drinking coffee really harmful to your baby during pregnancy?

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The specific guideline for this does not refer to the coffee bean and the drink itself, which consists largely of healthy water. When drinking coffee, however, you consume large amounts of caffeine. With the typical roasting and preparation of coffee beans, we as a coffee roaster receive the full aroma and caffeine content of the bean. This is not a problem for the pregnant woman herself. After all, your body is used to caffeine and breaks it down with the help of enzymes.

However, all things you eat as a pregnant woman about your diet are shared with the child. Since your baby does not yet have the necessary enzymes, the caffeine stays in her or his body much longer. It becomes restless and cannot sleep properly. Substances such as theine in black tea and too much sugar in the diet also have a similar effect. Therefore, only a cup or two in the morning is not a problem.

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