Espresso is probably the smallest way of making coffee worldwide. Served in a tiny cup and brewed with relatively little water, it develops its aroma particularly well. Opinions differ on how to correctly drink espresso. We’ll tell you how Italians drink their espresso properly and how you can still individualize your mini coffee without affecting the original character of the espresso.

When we think of Italian coffee, we think of espresso first. But many specialty coffees have their origins in Italy. While the beans themselves are grown around the equator all over the world, merchants and aristocrats in Venice, Milan and other trading cities have perfected coffee experience over the centuries. Whether filter coffee with a nice crema, espresso or a milder roast, preparation with milk, pure or sweetened, decides whether you like the coffee personally. If you want to drink espresso properly, you should first choose the right Flatberry Blend or strong Single Origin beans.


The espresso is only characterized by serving in a small cup, but above all the strong taste. This is caused by long roasting until the second crack or even beyond. Roasted aromas form, which displace the acid from the coffee beans. If you want to drink espresso properly, you don’t have to worry about acidification, compared to filter coffee, the coffee contains very little acid.

For your espresso specialty, it’s best to choose blend or single origin beans that are recommended for espresso. With us you can order your espresso blend, as well as mixtures for filter coffee, as whole beans or ground. With a particularly fine grind, you create more surface. The aromas can spread better in the water. However, if you want your coffee to stay fresh longer, you’d better order the whole coffee beans and grind them yourself, fresh for every infusion.


Espresso is not only part of everyday culture in Italy, it is also enjoyed at any time of the day. For a cup of the finest espresso, the Italians don’t settle in the café, they are directly standing at the counter. If you really want to drink espresso, start the morning with a cup. After each larger meal, a cup-strong coffee is enjoyed again.

There is no way to drink espresso properly, so some milk can be added to the coffee or sweetened in the morning. By the way, a latte macchiato is actually just an espresso with a lot of frothed milk. In the evening after work, Italians love their espresso corretto. To properly drink this espresso, add a little alcoholic liquor, usually grappa or brandy, to the cup. The correct mixing ratio is approximately 2 parts of espresso to one part of grappa.


Would you like to experience a piece of vacation feeling and drink the espresso properly? Then the Italian style is just right for you. At Flatberry, however, we believe that everyone should drink their perfect coffee the way they feel like it. Whether mild infusion or filter coffee with a dash of liqueur, you decide what you like. In addition, Italians do not agree on what it means to drink an espresso properly. Certain peculiarities have become established throughout the country and a strong crema is appreciated everywhere. Nevertheless, your cup of coffee will taste different in Sicily than in Milan.

Espresso specialties are now popular worldwide. That is why we deliver the beans in exactly the grind and with the roast that is ideal for you. Simply pour some water over the ground coffee or boil it in water with the espresso pot. When and how you enjoy your coffee is up to your individual taste.

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