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From the cultivation of the coffee plant to the cup, our coffee beans go through numerous stages. Coffee handcrafting is time consuming and takes place in different places around the world. Our Arabica and Robusta beans are a real specialty at the end of the process. Here you can find out what makes our coffee production so special and what role sustainability plays in the production of Flatberry coffeet.

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Before the coffee arrives in our Flatberry specialty roasting company in form of coffee beans, the plant must first be successfully propagated and raised. Through ideal care, it forms the so-called coffee cherries, the fruits from which coffee beans are obtained. This is where classic coffee is made.

The tropical zones of the world lie between the 23rd northern and 25th southern latitude. The coffee plant is at home here. More than 120 plants of the subfamily are known today. They love it warm and humid and don’t tolerate real winters. Depending on care and climate, the plant grows to a height of 2.5 meters within 3 to 5 years until it blooms for the first time. Dusted by hand, coffee forms most of the red berries. They have to ripen for a few weeks before they are harvested during picking and stripping and the pulp is removed. So it takes 6 years until the first real harvest and another at least 4 months until the coffee is made.

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The coffee cherries are sorted and prepared. The “washed” wet processing, “pulped natural” semi-dry and “natural” dry processing have proven their worth in processing. The fruit is either washed intensively, only loosely removed from the skin and pulp, or only washed off and dried in the sun for 2 weeks. In semi-dry processing, it is washed in water tanks and then laid out on dry soils.

After 2 months the coffee cherries are ready for the dry benefit, in which residues and pulp are removed from all cherries. Then they are sorted by type and color and loaded onto the ship in coffee bags or vacuum. The journey takes a few weeks until the actual coffee production.

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In order to process Arabica and Robusta coffee beans into a fine coffee blend, you need more than a healthy coffee plant, water for washing and hard-working workers who pre-sort our coffee cherries. It is only through the elaborate roasting of the raw coffee in our Flatberry coffee roaster that beans become real coffee. However, we are dependent on the farmers in the growing areas. They take care of the coffee plant for many years, enrich the soil, protect it from diseases and water it with sufficient water. Around 21,000 liters of water are used to produce 1 kilogram of the finest coffee beans. That is also why it is important to us that our coffees are a delight.

When roasting, we first remove the remaining liquid from the Arabica and Robusta raw coffee. The bean turns yellow. The more water evaporates, the more yellow the coffee bean becomes. In this phase, the green coffee would taste like hay and rice, like a sour tea. The bean breaks open by increasing the temperature. The “first crack” is important for developing the aromas. Our roasting masters watch the break-up and decide when the bean is roasted. After roasting the drum, our coffee beans are turned for a few minutes in the cooling sieve to cool naturally with air.

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After roasting, we have a lot of kilograms of different beans in our coffee roasting company, which we subject to a new quality control. Only the most perfect coffee beans make it into our blends. Different Arabica and Robusta growing areas produce different flavors. Mixing the varieties creates our specialties, the taste of which you can rely on and enjoy every time. Nevertheless, our coffees remain natural products, whose aroma, color and degree of roasting are a little different with every delivery.

We offer our Flatberry coffees as whole beans or crushed to the desired degree of grinding. You choose whether you want to grind the coffee beans at home in a fully automatic machine or separately, or you want to quickly prepare your favorite coffee from coffee powder. The process of grinding is also part of coffee making. It is only your turn when you brew it.

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During processing an ideally roasted coffee bean, many hands from different regions of the world are busy with your coffee enjoyment. But you put the finishing touches on your cup of hot or cold coffee. Coffee is particularly successful with the Aeropress, French Press or a fully automatic machine. However, many gourmets swear by their filter coffee, mocha or hand-filtered coffee specialties. We offer you the coffee beans in the perfect grind for your preparation. The finest coffee powder can be produced in 9 stages. Coarsely ground coffee powder is milder than finely ground beans. Arabica and Robusta can both be enjoyed lightly or strongly. Simply choose your preparation method when ordering or grind the coffee beans yourself.

Would you like to learn more about coffee plants, varieties, roasting and coffee production? You can read about it in our Flatberry coffee dictionary!


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