Pour Over

Pour over preparation with a hand filter, Kalita or Melitta, Chemex or Hario V60, is one of the most popular slow methods to brew fresh coffee. The coffee retains its mild taste, which is partly reminiscent of a good tea. Try this method of preparation if coffee is often too strong for you!

Pour over coffee is a specialty that takes a little longer than preparing filter coffee in the filter machine. On the other hand, this effort is worthwhile, since working with the hand filter preserves the taste and you can see immediately when your drink is ready to drink.


We call pour over all coffees that have been slowly passed through a filter. However, the main difference to filter coffee from the machine is that you determine the speed yourself. To do this, carefully observe the coffee powder in the hand filter.

Place a filter in your hand filter container and place the construction on the cup from which you want to enjoy the coffee. Then moisten the filter a little while heating water separately. Around 12 grams of coffee powder per cup with a grinding degree of 5 to 6 are necessary for a cup of 200 milliliters. First you grind the coffee powder a little in the filter, then you let it sag. Boil the water, wait a few seconds, then pour the slosh on the filter. The powder must first swell to completely moisten its surface. Now you can slowly let the water seep through the hand filter over a few minutes. The coffee turns medium dark and is ready when the water has completely run through.


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The pour over method is popular with everyone who wants to take a short break and enjoy a good cup of specialty coffee. The preparation preserves the full taste of the coffee beans, whether Robusta, Arabica or Blend.

For the pour over method, the best thing to buy is coffee, which is offered in our shop as filter coffee. Coffees brewed by pour over remain mild, slightly acidic and perfectly develop their respective aromas such as berries or jasmine.

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