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With the mocha pot, also known as an espresso maker, coffee specialties such as mocha and espresso become particularly full-bodied. Although there are different types of coffee maker and mocha jugs, the shape of the espresso maker has established itself from two jugs that are screwed together in the middle and allow the water to rise. At Flatberry you can buy the right espresso for your mocha pot.

The mocha pot, also sold as an espresso jug or espresso maker, is specially tailored to the needs of mocha and espresso lovers. Since these types of coffee consist of espresso powder with a high degree of roasting and fine grinding, they benefit from brewing when the hot water allows the powder to rise and swell.


25 grams of coffee powder in 500 milliliters of water is our rule of thumb for a good mocha. If you like the coffee even more, you can approach a mixing ratio of the espresso. More important for the coffee from the mocha pot is a grind of 4 to 5. In order to use the mocha pot, you have to rinse it and the insertable sieve warm first. If your mocha pot works with paper filters, the filter should also be moistened.

Now pour the desired amount of water into the lower jug and the powder in the top of the lower jug of the espresso maker. The water is heated in the coffee maker itself on the cooking plate. Many mocha pots can also cope with induction plates. When preparing, make sure to take the mocha pot off the stove as soon as the foam reaches the sink. The espresso inside lowers immediately and can now brew a little.


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Turkish coffee and other coffees boiled in a potty are often referred to as mocha. Opinions differ when it comes to finding the perfect preparation.

Especially the coffee brewed in hot sand and hot stones can have more additional roasted aroma due to the heat contact. Mocha from the mocha pot, on the other hand, is suitable for you if you still want to taste the natural flavors of the espresso beans.

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