A hand infusion is one of the most elaborate methods of how you can make a good coffee according to your taste. Also called pour over coffee, the preparation is exactly the type of brewing that the name suggests. You don’t need any electricity for this, just time, a steady hand and also particularly high-quality Flatberry coffee.

You find filter coffee from the machine a bit boring and just want to vary the ingredients, filters, amount of water and much more as you like? Then the hand infusion is the perfect method of preparation for you. With a hand filter and carafe or cup, a coffee powder of fine to coarse grind, and a little hot water, the coffee succeeds.


Many baristas and coffee lovers swear by the hand infusion. Once learned and rehearsed again and again, you can use the hand filter and carafe to create individual coffee specialties. We also offer coffee makers such as the Hario V60, Chemex, Kalita or Melitta with suitable filters in our Flatberry Shop. However, as a professional you can also use a simple filter holder and your cup.

The hand infusion works with any type of coffee. No matter whether you like strong coffee like espresso or mild breakfast coffee with a dash of jasmine – this preparation is suitable for every degree of grinding. Many experts recommend a rather fine grind, but coarse powder can also be appealing if the coffee should be colored yellowish to light brown instead of dark to black. Give it a try!


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For a hand infusion you need your favorite coffee, which you can order from us, as well as a whole bean, a hand filter and fresh water. The water must be heated beforehand. Rinse the coffee maker, filter and cup warm. Now the hand filter with filter paper is inserted, moistened and filled with coffee powder. It should be around 12 grams per 200 milliliters. But that’s up to you.

Now run water over the powder at approximately 95 degree Celsius in a circular motion until the powder swells slightly. You can hear it when the coffee powder rises with a blubb. The slower you pour, the longer the water can use contact with the powder in the hand infusion to absorb aromas. You have to allow at least 3 minutes to pour for a hand infusion.

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