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Cold brew coffee has become a trend drink in recent years, which is popular for coffee lovers as well as for casual coffee drinkers. Everyone who wants to do everything in a particularly professional way during the preparation process uses a dripper that only slowly releases coffee over several hours. But how does this concentrate come about, which is offered in many cafés with syrup or as a mixed drink?

The name already suggests that cold brew coffee is “brewed” with cold water for a mild taste. If you’ve ever left a tea bag in cold water, you know that crushed blends will still give off flavors and tastes when the temperature drops. This takes advantage of the cold brew coffee movement and let the coffee beans brew overnight or for a whole day.


Instead of pouring hot water over coffee powder, the cold brew coffee method can be used to add coarse-grained, fine or even whole coffee beans directly into the cold water. This is easily possible with a French press, for example, and the preparation of this type of coffee can be easily observed. The stronger the taste of the coffee afterwards, the longer you have to let it stand on.

Cold Brew coffee professionals use a dripper, a construction through which the water slowly but surely runs through the coffee particles. This option produces milder coffees ready to drink, while strong concentrates with a strong taste can be made when they are prepared in the French Press or by standing mixtures. To prepare the coffee, you can simply add water to the chopped beans and after 8 to 24 hours you can taste whether the taste is right on target. In the French Press, you can then filter the powder out of the liquid by pressing it down.


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Does the coffee really taste so different from a filter coffee? The clear answer is yes, because the heat releases oils and acids in the coffee particles. On the other hand, when soaking cold, coffees only release the full-bodied fruity aroma and some roast substances into the water.

The coffee tastes like a good tea or can be used as a strong cold brew coffee extract with full taste for desserts and drinks after preparation, instead of an acidic espresso.

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