From growing to harvesting coffee, preparing, roasting and grinding the coffee bean, coffee production is an exciting and rewarding process. At Flatberry, we take care of many steps for you in the production of coffee. This is how our types of coffee and beans are made.

Coffee production begins with the sowing of a coffee plant. Our coffees are all made from Robusta and Arabica beans from many parts of the world. Whether espresso or mild filter coffee, all beans come from the same type of plant. It takes up to four years for the berries to form, which are then harvested, washed and dried. We get the raw beans in our coffee roaster. This is where the actual coffee production begins.


We sort the coffee beans before roasting to ensure a particularly high quality in coffee production. Then, depending on the type of coffee, they come in small quantities into the roasting drums. The roaster observes the roasting and pays attention to the “cracks”. While espresso takes a particularly long time to make and has to break open several times, the coffee making and roasting of mild coffee is finished after the first crack.

Grinding the beans for our types of coffee such as Espresso Single Origin, Espresso Blend or a Blend that is equally suitable for espresso and filter coffee is also part of coffee production. You determine which degree of grinding it should be for you.


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The coffee beans are roasted individually in the coffee production process and then ground. The degree of grinding depends on which types of coffee is made. A filter coffee is ground coarser than an espresso. By the way, in the configurator and when ordering you can specify your degree of grinding for the beans. We also mix the coffee beans for most of our types of coffee. Either coffee beans from different growing areas are mixed or Arabica and Robusta. The product description provides information about the respective type of coffee production. Still isolated in the roast, we deliver the blend to you mixed. You can also grind to the desired degree of grinding in a fully automatic machine or by hand for a fuller, fresher aroma.


The last step in coffee production is after harvesting, processing, sorting, roasting and then mixing the beans and brewing the coffee or espresso. How you want to enjoy your coffee is of course up to you.

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