Flatberry Market Kaffee Arten
Flatberry Market Kaffee Arten

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Your partner for high-quality coffee, espresso and masterfully roasted coffee beans. You can order coffees out of many probing regions around the world. Buying coffee online has never been easier than in our online shop with lots of varieties for friends of good coffee and gourmets.

Discover the whole world of coffee with Flatberry!


In the search for unusual types of coffee, a strong arabica, coffee beans from renowned coffee roasters, rare coffees and real Italian espresso, you are dependent on an online partner who has more than one or two own house brands to offer. The types of coffee should also be traceable to their place of origin and carefully refined. This is the only way to get a coffee that is perfectly brewed to the point. At Flatberry we offer you a wide range of the best types of coffees in the world in convenient packaging sizes. 

W   H   I   C   H      T   Y   P   E      O   F      C   O   F   F   E   E      D   R   I   N   K   E   R      A   R   E      Y   O   U   ?

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Choose your aroma

You can combine up to 4 aroma.

  • Almond
  • Bittersweet Chocolate
  • Black Tee
  • Blackberry
  • Caramel
  • Currant
  • Hazelnut
  • Honey melon
  • Jasmine
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Strawberry
  • Walnut

What is your favorite way to drink your coffee? In theory, each of our coffees can be made into filter coffee, as cold brew, iced coffee, espresso or cappuccino. When you buy and prepare your coffee online, you surely want to get the best aroma out of the coffee. We therefore recommend fully automatic, French press, hand infusion or AeroPress if a normal strong coffee is desired. Arabica and Robusta are popular varieties that can be poured with milk or refined with cream, cooled and mixed with syrup.

Before the actual preparation of Arabica and Co, however, the coffee beans have to be ground. If you buy coffee online at Flatberry, by ordering you choose whether you want to receive full beans or have our coffee roaster grind the coffee. You can buy coffee online from us in the online shop, whose beans have been freshly roasted and ground to the desired grain size yourself, or you can order pre-ground coffee.


that you wouldn’t get in retail stores.

If you buy coffee online through our online shop, you can be sure that our coffee beans come from sources that are as sustainable as possible. The careful processing of handcrafted roasting also affects the taste of Arabica, Robusta and other types of coffee. Discover espresso, mild and strong roasts and much more at Flatberry!

Coffee shop

F  R  O  M     E  S  P  R  E  S  S  O     T  O    C  O  L  D     B  R  E  W


If you would like to make new experience with espresso, filter coffee and specialties of coffee beans and get the maximum aroma, we recommend that you buy a coffee grinder. Why not just buy pre-ground coffee online? After ordering in the online shop, our coffee roasters will gladly take over the grinding for you. The bean is crushed so that the aromas are released immediately. You order the coffee powder in a packaging that contains as much of the aromas as possible. Nevertheless, at least several days pass from ordering to brewing. The infusion is then less aromatic. We therefore advise you to buy coffee online as coffee beans and only grind as many beans as you need for espresso, filter coffee or mixed drinks.

Regarding this way, all types of coffee, whether Arabica or Robusta, receive their perfect aroma. The coffee beans act as a kind of natural capsule. The round taste is only safely stored in the bean until it is enjoyed.

In our Flatberry online shop you can order Arabica beans, ground Robusta, ready-made espresso blends and much more. We are constantly expanding our online shop. But buying coffee online is a matter of trust. We want to provide you with the highest quality around our coffees. That is why we offer you comprehensive customer service when buying coffee online. Different payment methods and transparent prices in the online shop ensure security. If you have any questions about the Flatberry online shop offer, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    SChwarzer TeeYasmine Flower

Signature Coffee

Flatberry Coffee #7 ORGANIC

3,85 39,75 

incl. VAT

4,20 45,15 

incl. VAT


Signature Coffee

Flatberry Coffee #11 DECAF

4,05 43,75 

incl. VAT

    CaramelHazelnutMilk ChocolateStrawberry

incl. 7% VAT

    Almond-NewDark ChocolateSChwarzer TeeBlackberryCaramelCurrant (Johannisbeere)HazelnutYasmine FlowerMilk ChocolateOrangeStrawberryWalnut

Signature Coffee

Flatberry Coffee Journey


incl. 7% VAT

    BlackberryCaramelCurrant (Johannisbeere)HazelnutOrangeWalnut

incl. 7% VAT

4,05 43,65 

incl. VAT

    Almond-NewDark ChocolateOrange

Signature Coffee

Flatberry Coffee #1

2,95 31,75 

incl. VAT

Flatberry Kaffeeherstellung
Flatberry Kaffeeherstellung


This includes on-site visits and longer stays where the entire supply chain is checked. If you buy coffee online from us, the coffee beans are slightly more expensive than the full beans in retail stores. First of all, this is due to our philosophy that every coffee farmer must be able to live well from his work and that we produce specialty coffee that is not comparable in quality to retail.

One of our traders pays the farmer the price he demands for his coffee types without any ifs and buts. If the farmer cannot offer discounts, we pay higher prices, if the harvest is poor in one year, higher prices must also compensate for the losses the farmer had. Only with this fair cooperation can we secure the region socially and avoid that you buy coffee online from us that contributes to injustice and violence.


Real gourmets like to grind their coffees themselves after ordering, because they decide which preparation the coffee powder is suitable for later. In our table you will find an overview of the most popular grindings for Arabica and Robusta.

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